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The Prizes: For the entrant whose bracket remains perfect to the farthest point in the tournament (calculated at the conclusion of every game), a prize of $100,000 will be awarded or split evenly among the winners if there is a tie. For example, if four entrants correctly identify the winners of the first 29 games played and only one of the four picks the winner of the 30th, he or she will win $100,000. But if two pick the winners of the 30th and both are wrong on the 31st, each will receive $50,000.

We are repeating the new twist that we introduced last year with an added sweetner: if any entrants remain after the first 32 games (but all are eliminated before the round of 16), a prize of $1,000,000 will be awarded to the winning entrant. If more than one entrant picks the first 32 games correctly, the winner will be the entrant whose bracket remains perfect to the farthest point.

However, if more than one entrant remains and all remaining entrants are eliminated in the same game, ties will be broken by the entrant who picks the most games correctly for the entire tournament. If a tie still exists, the winner will be determined by the entrant who predicts the total points scored in the championship game closest to the actual total points scored in that game. The tie-break winner will receive $1,000,000, and all runners up will get $100,000 (each).

Our lollapalooza prize remains: If a single entrant has a perfect bracket to the round of 16 (in other words, the bracket has every game outcome called correctly through the first two rounds of forty-eight games so that it has all the correct teams remaining in the final 16), there will be the sweet award of an annuity paying $1 million a year for the remaining life of that entrant. If there is more than one such bracket, the $1 million annually will be split evenly among the winners. (If there are four winners, each will receive $250,000 annually for his/her life.)

This year we have one additional feature to the bracket contest. If either Creighton University or the University of Nebraska wins the tournament, each of the previously described prizes will be doubled.